Lucent Matte-Shoulder Bag (3*5) (Light Orange)

Lucent Matte-Shoulder Bag (3*5) (Light Orange)


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A shoulder bag without a gusset. Simple and minimal design with adjustable shoulder strap kept inside the bag, creating a minimalistic sharp look.
The zipper does not show, since there is a rectangular piece around the opening that covers the area. We recommend creating a sporty look, by shortening the shoulder straps to fit your body tightly.

Material Composition:

Surface: Polyvinyl Chloride

Base: Polyester 100%

Lining: Nylon 100%

Tape: Nylon 100%

Partly: Synthetic Leather

Dimensions: Height 175 X Width 285 (Mm)

Strap Length: Approximately 255 To 1160 (Mm)

Product Code:BB18AG687-23

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